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Fight Against Covid-19 Now Personal Responsibility, Says Health Expert

by Esther M.
2 mins read

As the Covid-19 infections continue rising every day, a Ministry of Health expert says the responsibility for the fight against the virus is now at the personal level.

Speaking on Citizen Radio this morning, 27th July, Dr Fidelis Lagho, the deputy director of Public Health, said that every Kenyan must strictly observe the Covid-19 safety measures.

“I will not propose a lockdown at this point, as the virus is already all over the place. Closing borders will not help to contain the virus. It’s high time Kenyans took the precautions very seriously,” he said.

The virus, he added, had been identified in government offices and other public places in the community, hence the need to fight ignorance among Kenyans who were shunning the key containment measures, including the wearing of face masks.

Dr Lagho said: “The people seem to be going on with their lives. Social gatherings continue to be held, and the shaking of hands is still being witnessed. It is so heartbreaking.”

Exactly 21 days since President Uhuru Kenyatta announced re-opening of the country, the spread of the virus has intensified.

More than 9,000 Kenyans have tested positive for Covid-19 since the lifting of the cessation of movement into and out of hotspot counties, bringing the total tally to 17,000 cases.

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