Overthinking is like being around a bully always just that in this case, they are in your head highlighting every mistake you make. Thinking that when people don’t reply to you on time they automatically hate you. It’s blaming yourself for every relationship that ends, choosing your words carefully to avoid upsetting anyone. This feeling is so distressing and may cause more harm than good. Mental health experts have pointed out signs that may help you identify if you are an overthinker. They are as follows:

Overanalyse things 

Someone who overthinks always wants to be in a position to control everything around them because of the constant fear of not being perfect. Such people end up overanalysing details about something no matter how simple it was instead of taking action.

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Replay embarrassing moments in your head

Often you find yourself wishing you hadn’t said or done something the way you did and you feel that if given a chance to rewind you would make the situation better. Most of the time they are never even as embarrassing as you push yourself to believe in your head. Such people often laugh and talk to themselves without their knowledge because of the absent state of their minds.

Remind yourself of your mistakes

You constantly criticise yourself for the mistakes you made instead of taking it as a lesson learned. In this, most people tend to be harsh on themselves with hurtful words like “I am so dumb or stupid”, and at the end of the day, you’ll not find yourself worthy enough. Be forgiving of yourself.

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Second guessing yourself 

One would rather let someone else make a decision for them instead of doing it themselves. This is because the thoughts in your mind make you feel anxious and indecisive, which only makes you doubt yourself even more.

Emotionally absent around people 

The focus is mostly always only about you and what is going through your head. People around you may not get any attention from you and they may end up drifting away from your company.

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