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‘For Ksh400k’: Man’s Chilling Confession of How He Murdered Boda Boda Rider

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

One of the two men arrested in connection with the murder of a boda boda rider in Kirinyaga County in May has made a chilling confession about the killing.

The love for money motivated the suspect to hack to death Eric Muriithi, who operated in Ngurubani, Mwea Sub-County.

He explained to the police and residents of Wamumu Village that he was a contract killer.

The suspect said he was hired by a person who wanted Muriithi dead over a land dispute. He was promised Ksh400,000.

He lured Muriithi into his trap and beheaded him.

He then dumped the body of the 23-year-old on Ciagini rice farm but took away the head and presented it to the person who recruited him to kill the rider. However, he was paid not even after providing morbid evidence that he had killed Muriithi.

Yesterday, the man led police and the locals to Rupingazi River where he said he had dumped the head.

Mwea Sub-County Police Commander Wilson Koskei said the family was in confusion they had already buried the headless body.

If the head was retrieved, the family did not know whether to conduct a fresh burial of the head alone or exhume the body and inter it again with the head.

“The head was recovered and taken away. The suspect has led us to Rupingazi River.

“Probably we are going to recover the head. We have been led by the suspect, who was arrested by DCI officers,” Koskei said.

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