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Forget Christmas Day, Give Me Christ Instead

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By George Kimando

Christmas reminds me of a very profound homily i listened to a while ago on ‘IDLE (NOT idol) WORSHIP’. Idle worship happens when in Mass (or a service), your minds starts dissecting the factors surrounding the delivery of the sermon instead of focusing on the message.

Look at how he is dressed. That hairstyle is weird. Gosh, did the peeacher just say ‘Rod’ instead of ‘Lord’? He must be from that ethnic group, and the way they have heavy mother tongue influence! That example about sinful living sounds like someone i know. Couldn’t he wear closed shoes to Church (it doesn’t matter if he is recuperating from a foot injury)? And other distractions…

At the end of the sermon, you don’t remember what the Priest or Pastor was preaching about. The message is lost.

Same with Christmas.

To the majority, it’s a season of travel, merry making, reckless abandon and somewhat religious ‘madness’. The accidents, deaths, injuries, drunkenness, over indulgence, ‘unwanted’ pregnancies, regrettable STIs and broken hearts all tell a story of ‘Christmas’.

In the midst of all the craze, the beautiful story of redemption and true freedom in Christ, as well as spiritual introspection informing a renewed fellowship with the Father, is lost.

It’s this beautiful message of salvation that we must not lose. It’s the call to forgiveness and renewal that must inform the true Christmas spirit. It’s the commitment to love God and neighbour in word and deed that will exemplify us as those to whom Christ has really been born. It’s seeking Him in Truth and Spirit, living it daily, that the essence of Christmas will be meaningful in our lives.

It won’t matter if Christ is not the essence of Christmas, whether He was born on December 25th, or even on the 40th day of a fourteenth month we know nothing about.

Humanity needs Christ daily, not Christmas on a single day of the year.

And remember to share with the less fortunate; it has been a hard year. That’s another reason for it.

Have a great and blessed Christmas day and season, without losing the reason for it.

Let your Christmas worship not be IDLE.

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