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Former Shamba Boy Now TV Presenter Gifts Mum a Nice Car

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Jeremy Damaris with his mother

Slightly more than 10 years ago, the thing that kept Jeremy Damaris going was hope – the future is bright.

At the time, he was a casual labourer and a watchman at a coffee plantation in Kiambu County.

Fast forward, Jeremy is now the owner of Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM), a renowned emcee and a businessman in Kenya and the United States.

Now that his fortunes have changed, the US-based TV and radio presenter has not forgotten when he came from and the woman who has been by his side all his life.

Recently, Jeremy surprised his mother, Damaris, with a mid-size car.

She was excited and could not believe now she is a car owner.

The happy mother and son then took a ride in a murram road where he was guiding her to drive.

This happened a few weeks after Jeremy retreated his mother and grandmother to a holiday at the Coast.

In the past, the media owner narrated how hard life was while growing up.

“My father rejected my three brothers and me when we were young. My father’s family would despise us and say we will never make it in life.

“After going through many struggles, I finally finished secondary school, but there was no money to advance although I passed very well. I started selling cakes for someone else before I joined my mother, grandmother, and grandmother where they were working as farmhands,” he recalled.

His life started to change in 2009 when he got his first gig as a wedding MC.

“I remember I did a lot of work to convince the couple that I was equal to the task. At the event, a wife to a popular musician was present and loved my work. She connected me to celebrities and the rest is history.”

The media personality became a household name in 2013 when he was hired to emcee all of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns in the Mt Kenya region. He made a good killing.

In 2014, he relocated to the US and established KDM.

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