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Friends to Keep! Jeridah Andayi’s Buddies Visit Her Upcountry (photos & videos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read
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Radio Citizen boss Jeridah Andayi is a great friend of her former boss and fellow radio presenter Joyce Gituro.

The two are inseparable and they spend most of their weekends together.

image 457

Their friendship circle includes Milele FM’s Jacque Nyaminde, popularly known as Wilbroda, from her Papa Shirandula TV drama series character, and two other women.

image 456

The group of lively funny women is in Kakamega this weekend.

They are visiting Jeridah’s upcountry home, that is, her father’s home.

On entering her father’s compound they paused just to let their fans what their mission was all about.

They revealed that their intention was to give Jeridah’s fans a real picture of her background.

Check out the exciting video below

Jeridah was overjoyed to host her friends in her father’s place.

image 453

“If anybody needs friends, I have a bunch I’m leasing,” she captioned a photo of the visitors and her family members.

The happiness on their faces confirmed that they were having a good time.

image 454

There was a session of dance, as her friends entertained her father’s compound.

image 455

“Good day from me and family and friends in my father’s compound,” she wrote.

Jeridah also took them around the village and they also got to see her primary school.

It’s, indeed, an epic moment for all of them.

The video below says it all

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