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Fuel Prices Drop in Latest EPRA Review

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has slightly reduced fuel prices for the next 30 days.

In the latest EPRA review, the prices of petrol and kerosene have been reduced by Ksh1 while that of diesel has been slashed by Ksh2.

A subsidy of Ksh18.15/litre and Ksh27.47/litre have been maintained for diesel and kerosene, respectively, in order to cushion consumers from the otherwise high prices.

The energy regulator said that the government would use the Petroleum Development Levy to compensate oil marketing companies for the difference in cost.

“The prices are inclusive of the eight per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 and the revised rates for excise duty adjusted for inflation as per Legal Notice No. 194 of 2020,” EPRA said in a statement.

Following the adjustment, a litre of super petrol, diesel and kerosene prices will retail at Ksh178.30, Ksh163 and Ksh146.94, respectively, in Nairobi.

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will be sold at Ksh175.98, diesel at Ksh160.76 and kerosene will retail at Ksh144.69.

In Kisumu, a litre of petrol will go for Ksh178.50, diesel at Ksh163.70 and kerosene Ksh147.66 while in Nakuru, a litre of petrol will sell at Ksh177.62, diesel Ksh162.83, and kerosene Ksh146.79.

The prices announced will be in force from 15th October until 14th November.

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