The emerging culture of men wearing makeup has become very popular in 2020. With foundation, concealer and some eyeliner, a good number of males are not fearing to beautify their faces today and step out in public. Renowned Social media influencers such as James Charles, Jaffree Star and Manny Mua have played a key role in this development.

Influencer James Charles

Makeup for men is lightly used to solve issues such as dark circles around the eyes, spots, acne scars, and blemishes. Research has established that only a few males like to be identified with cosmetics, but apply little amounts.

Dennis Karuri

Dennis Karuri, a self-taught Nairobi makeup artist is gaining popularity.

“Although I studied agribusiness, I was always interested in fashion. I actually started out modelling and did a few runway shows, commercial photo-shoots among other gigs. During these events, they would apply makeup on us quite often and that’s where I would say I discovered my passion for makeup artistry.”

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Dennis Karuri

He adds: “There is a difference between ‘who I am’ and ‘what I am’. ‘Who I am’, is a man (a fabulous, brave man) who has a preference for a gender that isn’t female. I didn’t choose to be ‘who I am’. ‘What I am’ is a make-up artist and model. I chose to be an artist. I can choose to be anything else.”

In the developed counties such as the United States, male makeup has been fully embraced to extent that beauty product companies and makeup brands have come up with unisex merchandise.

Influencer Manny Mua

Diane Omondi, a freelance makeup artist, who has worked with male models, notes: “For male models, makeup is a big yes to make the whole look complete and add confidence. You can’t go on a runway with your under eyes tired and dark spots, you won’t be confident.”

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Just as girls love to wear makeup to make their skin flawless and comfortable, an average man can also do the same.

“You just need a concealer to cover the spots, colour corrector and powder,” says Omondi.

And by the way, many girls run to men to get their makeup fixed as many would say that in the industry, men do it better.

Whether you are a male makeup artist like James Charles, Dennis Karuri, or male models such as Dayon Monsoon, it is right to say that times are changing and will be a trending topic for a long time.

Jeffree Star

Men! Do you think you can step out in some concealer, powder, and some eyeliner?

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