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Happy Moment Leaves Mugithi Star Samidoh With Broken Leg

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh

What fans had envisaged as a happy encounter with mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoko aka Samidoh ended with him in hospital in deep pain.

He was in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, and his fans saw it as the perfect moment to have a selfie with their favourite celebrity.

As they scrambled to capture the memory with him, they unknowingly pushed him back into a steep stone path.

The musician sustained a fracture in his right leg and has been recuperating since last week.

Samidoh says he cannot blame the fans, as they were just happy on seeing him.

He has also pledged not to cancel any of his gigs because of the small setback.

“It is what. I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play the guitar and perform. My fans want my voice and not my legs,” he said.

The artiste is set for a mega tour in the United States where he will perform in different places.

From November 6 through to December, he will entertain his fans in Dallas, New Jersey, Houston. among other cities in the United States.

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