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‘Has Rachel Seen This?’ Video of Ruto Awkwardly Grabbing Lady’s Boob Goes Viral

by litfeed
2 mins read

President William Ruto graciously agreed to take a photo with a starstruck woman and her talented daughter during the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, but then something awkward happened.

In the video that has since circulated widely on the internet, the Head of State first posed with the little girl before he asked her mother to join them.

“Where is your mother?” Ruto asked.

The Kenyan woman, who was just metres away, then quickly jumped in.

But one of the President’s handlers was seen directing her to move to the other side so that Ruto could stand between mother and daughter.

But as she was switching positions, the President intervened, and ended up grabbing her right boob.

The accidental moment was in the view of all those who were around.

After the photo op, the President gave the woman a firm handshake and said they would catch up later.

“Thank you! I will see you in Kenya,” he said

As usual, the internet was ungovernable, with netizens using their freedom to make hilarious comments.

Some asked if the First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto, has seen the short clip.

Maina Sud tweeted: “Some men are just lucky. They can touch them anywhere, anytime without reprisals. If it was me, I would be in court now.”

Ngunga Faith wrote: “He (Ruto) just said tutaonana nyumbani ama naskia zangu?”

Onye Ubanatu opined: “All I see here is President Ruto being organic with people but we will turn to spin this. This can happen to anyone.”

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