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‘He Drops me Off to Work,’ Nana Owiti Showers Praise on Hubby King Kaka

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Rapper King Kaka’s wife and fellow celebrity Nana Owiti is proud of her hubby, as not only a great musician but also a loving family man, who treats her like a queen.

King Kaka, of the Wajinga Nyinyi rap fame, and the pretty Switch TV presenter have three children.

His celebrity wife will go to any lengths just to make him happy and comfortable.

In an Instagram post today, 7th May on her IG, she revealed that her hubby drops her off to work every day.


“Behind every man____??? Well, he dropped me to work yesterday. He dropped me to work every day last month,” she added.

Nana was honest enough, though, to concede that she and King Kaka argue and fight like any other couple but they are the best of friends.

“I have arguably the best friend ever. We fight, we make up, we laugh but above it all we learn and do better.”

The Switch TV Chatspot co-presenter was so grateful that her celebrity hubby puts up with all her imperfections.

“You know my flaws, couldn’t hide my brokenness, you know my weaknesses but you still find me completely AMAZING 🤩,” she poured out her heart.

At this point, one could be wondering what these good words were all about.

Well, it’s King Kaka’s birthday today, 7th May, and his wife could not help gushing over him.

“A very happy birthday to my biggest support system… You are my sunshine and my rain… I gatchu back always and literally! I love you babe!” Nana wrote.

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