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‘He Got Taste of a King’: Busia Man Parades His 4 Happy Wives

by litfeed
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The polygamy gospel just got more endorsements after a Busia man introduced his four wives. Yes, you’ve heard it right: four.

His name is Sammy and the story has been brought to the fore by Powerline.co.ke.

A family photo of the man standing and his better halves sitting captured a small heaven on earth. They were all smiles.
The youngest wife said their husband meets all their needs, individually.

“We are fully satisfied with his love,” she said.

Polygamy activists led by the undisputed chairman and popular journalist Stephen Letoo have declared Sammy a hero. Most of the are just screaming “wow!”

“Viva Western Kenya, viva,” Letoo wrote on his Facebook page.
Other men preaching about the controversial topic were equally impressed.

“They are all happily married and you will hear someone saying that she cannot accept to be a second wife. My sister, wake up from your sleep and make a bold step,” Opunga Joseck advised women.

Dan Daniel offered: “Kenya needs such understanding wives.”
Peter Karanja could not resist admiring the four women. “The wives look beautiful, glamourous, full of joy, and great.”

Wanyama Khasandi wrote: “Wow, just wow! The best form of marriage even in the Bible.”

Mary Johnson’s said: “He is a hero with taste.”

While women are split on whether polygamy is a good thing in the contemporary world, many have admitted that they were willing to change personal rules and join the pool only if the man is super rich.

Violah Jepkemboi opined: “Polygamy is very good for the rich not the poor. Repeat after men, polygamy + poverty = World War III.”

Other women argue that if men are allowed to be polygamous, women too should be permitted to be polyandrous ie having as many male partners as one would wish.

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