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‘He is Frustrated’: DP Ruto Returns Fire to Uhuru After ‘He Tried to Impeach Me’ Bombshell

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday railed at his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta for linking him to an impeachment plot.

Hosting hundreds of elders at State House, Nairobi, yesterday, March 26, the Head of State recounted how his estranged deputy hatched a plot to overthrow before he reached out to ODM leader Raila Odinga.

According to the President, the DP was inciting a section of Jubilee MPs to rebel against his administration and on top of that encouraged Raila-led opposition to continue holding protests to pressure the first in command to exit.

Speaking in Kilifi, a visibly agitated DP viciously defended himself, saying that the President was “desperate and frustrated”.

He wondered how he could have attempted to rally the President’s impeachment after spending many sleepless nights campaigning for his boss.

“My friends, please, be respectful. I am the one who helped Uhuru Kenyatta. Even if you don’t want to support my presidential bid, shun empty propaganda. Stop diving Kenyans and know that I cannot overthrow a person put to office. You are dividing the country for nothing,” he said.

The second in command claimed that the President was bitter after Kenyans refuse to embrace Raila, whom he has endorsed to succeed him.

“You are because have said no to conmanship. Kenyans have rejected your project (Raila) that we have we won’t allow you to force it on us. Stop lying about me, I am mentally and never a drunkard,” he stated.

Dr Ruto added that Uhuru was confusing him with the former Prime Minister. He asserted that the opposition has a history of trying to overthrow the government.

“The person who has made attempts to overthrow governments is known. In 1992, he tried a coup, and recently he did a mock swearing-in. You must be confusing me with your project. We who campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta and made him President must be respected. Don’t bring empty and useless propaganda.”

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