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Heartbreaking Story of Millionaire Who is Beggar in Meru Now

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

“I was a millionaire, but now I am a beggar I am begging for medicine. I am begging for food. Now I’m sick, I have nothing.”

These are the words of Dorcas Kagendo, a woman who years ago was swimming in millions, but today she is a pauper.

At 33 years, Kagendo joined the millionaires’ club and for at least one-and-a-half years, that status did not elude her.

She narrated to Afrimax English that having been born in a less-well-off family and where she was discriminated against by her parents, working hard to establish herself was the only option.

Her first was a secretary in a big firm before she become an office administrator. Life was good.

Kagendo bought cars, houses, pieces of land, and properties in different parts of the country.

Lady luck was on her side and this was manifested after she landed her dream job in Saudi Arabia. The salary was mouth-watering.

She took the next flight to the Middle East country, but little did she know that she would return to Kenya in pieces.

The Meru-born woman worked for a short time before a chain of bad news knocked her day.

At first, she was diagnosed with kidney failure, then liver problems and cancer. At the same time, she contracted Covid-19. She could not continue with her job.

Kagendo returned to Kenya to undergo treatments.

Tests and medicine were expensive, forcing her to sell almost all her properties.

Sadly, even after doing everything in her power to regain her health, she never recovered.

Today, she is emaciated and depends on well-wishers for food and medicine. Many of those who knew her before cannot recognize her and the few who can still wonder what went wrong.

“Please help me. I am sick. I have been in bed for one good year and even I cannot go to work,” she said.

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