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Heavy Rains Wash Away Ksh100m Bridge in Kajiado

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

A newly built bridge in Paai, Kajiado East, has collapsed following heavy rains that have pounded the area in the last few days.

The100 Million shillings bridge that was constructed at the Olkeriai seasonal river collapsed on Wednesday night, 23rd February.


The Paai bridge which was supposed to serve three sub-counties was commissioned on 17th February by Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku.

“Paai Bridge is just that one project that transcends regional boundaries to transform the livelihoods of communities. It opens up the horticultural belt of Kajiado East, Central and South and connects both the farming and pastoralist communities in the area,” Governor Lenku said during the launch.

“Just a year ago, after short rains, trucks full of horticultural produce would get stuck at Olkeriai River for days wasting all the produce and thus occasioning huge losses to traders. That’s not all; Travellers would terminate their journeys for several days until the waters subsided in the river.”

The bridge was set to ease the movement of people and goods within the three sub-counties which include Matapato North (Kajiado Central), Mbirikani/Eselenkei (Kajiado South) and Kenyawa Poka Ward in Kajiado East Sub-county.

“I’m glad this is one of the legacy projects that the people of Kajiado East, Central and South Sub Counties will enjoy as it makes the trade of their agricultural produce easier,” he said during the launch,” added Lenku.

Over the years many people, including school-going children, had lost their lives with livestock and vehicles swept away as they attempted to cross the flooded river.

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