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Here Are Safaricom Fuliza Charges for 2022

by Justus Kiprono
2 mins read
Fuliza M-pesa

Safaricom Fuliza is an overdraft credit facility that was launched in 2019 in partnership with Kenya Commerical Bank (KCB) and NCBA bank.

It enables registered M-Pesa customers to carry out transactions even with insufficient funds. Safaricom has set a different amount of money limits for its customers depending on the credit viability.

After borrowing the money from Fuliza, one is able to pay the loan with some incentives that contain a one-off 1.083 percent interest and a daily administrative fee that depends on the outstanding balance. The money is automatically deducted immediately after you receive funds on your Mpesa.

Failure to pay the overdrawn money from Fuliza after 30 days, Safaricom accesses the customer’s M-Shwari, KCB, and NCBA bank accounts to settle the credit.

In March 2021, a report from Safaricom indicated that Fuliza had made a profit of Ksh2.8 billion, and the repayment rate was 99 percent, an implication that almost all customers paid off the Fuliza loan.

But how much will you be charged for using Fuliza M-Pesa in 2022? Here are the fees charged daily after you overdraw from Fuliza.

BandTariffPromotional Tariff for 30 days from launch
0 -100One-time fee of Ksh 2.4One-time fee of Ksh 0
101-500Ksh 6 per day
501-1000Ksh 12 per day
1001-1500Ksh 24 per day
1501-2500Ksh 30 per day
2501-70000Ksh 36 per day

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