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Hilarious Reactions as Jeff Koinange Struggles to Report in Kikuyu For Inooro TV

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Today is not just any other day in the newsroom. It is that day when even the “big boys and girls” are assigned stories to cover.

Veteran Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange was sent to cover Narok County as the General Election goes on.

He was to report for Citizen TV and its sister station Inooro TV.

When the journalists at Inooro TV studios linked up with Jeff, he was ready to give live updates on the ground.

However, his mastery of spoken Kikuyu is poor.

The deep voiced journalist struggled to report in the vernacular language.

In fact, he did much of the reporting in English – his stronghold – and a bit of Kiswahili.

The video of Jeff reporting in Kikuyu went viral on social media platforms almost immediately.

Have a look at some of the comments we have captured for you.

Mollen Komen: “Very rare to find a kikuyu who can’t speak their mother tongue.”

Martha Koonje: “Broken Kikuyu language there…ongea tu Kingereza Jeff.”

Ben Kariuki: “They laugh at us when we speak broken English.Shame on them they are speaking a very broken mother tongue..ha ha.”

Waithira Cecilia: “He really is trying and I mean reaaaaaaaaaly trying. Haha.”

Gathage Mwendia: “Compared to most of my friends, he’s actually doing okay.”

Mike N: “Slay queens kikuyu’s should learn from this…si pesa kidogo unasahau your mother tongue.”

Sue Ngure: “U have made me proud Jeff I didn’t know u can slay in kiuk language that way.”

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