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Hilarious Reactions as Uhuru Lifts Curfew: ‘Sherehe After Sherehe’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Kenyans react after Uhuru Kenyatta ends curfew

President Uhuru Kenyatta bridged the gap between his supporters and critics when declared the lifting of the nationwide curfew that has been in place since March 2020.

“…and by the authority vested on me as President, I hereby order and direct that the nationwide dusk-to-dawn curfew that has been in place since March 27, 2020, be and hereby vacated with immediate effect,” he said as he concluded his Mashujaa Day speech amid wild cheers.

The joy among Kenyans regardless of their political persuasion can only be compared to that of a prisoner who has just secured freedom after many years in jail.

Elated Kenyans hunkered down over their digital gadgets to celebrate what some have described as “freedom day”.

Social media platforms have been filled with humourous reactions as well as memes.

Apparently, every Kenyan was tired of the curfew and wanted it lifted.

Traders were happy that now they can work around the clock, Matatu operators will resume night travels while revellers cannot be separated from nightlife anymore.

Some Kenyans mocked the police for harassing, killing, and asking for bribes during the curfew period.

Now the reactions:

Gabriel Oguda: “Local man lifts curfew orders, sending all police stations into a nationwide gloom.”

Otile Brown: “Businesses and the entertainment industry have suffered. It is our time to shine.”

Fede 254: “After the curfew has been lifted, I know so many police officers are feeling jobless.”

I am Soniah: “We will never forget the two Embu brothers who lost their in the hands of police due to the curfew, which has ended today.”

Ruchu Jay: “If you don’t go to a party today, you will never experience anything like that again.”

Adniko: “Today men will all be matching to Koinange street in Nairobi without fear.”

Katy Poly: “I know it will be hard for police officers to accept the curfew has been lifted.”

Manoti Mwendia: “That curfew has lasted more than all my relationships.”

Mama Kai: “Now that the curfew has been lifted, be careful on the roads tonight.”

Benjamin Mwaka: “Now I agree with Kenyans saying Uhuru is too young to retire. Lifting the curfew is enough manifesto for him.”

Esther Juma: “The President knew announcing the end of curfew should be the last thing because no one would have listened to him should he have said it earlier.”

Anita Alex: “Today we don’t have motivational quotes, it is all about freedom.”

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