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How Form Four Leaver Started Her Multi-Million Business With Ksh800, Now Searching For a Husband

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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Rahab Wanjiru sensationally claims that she started her multi-million shillings business with just Ksh800. That sounds unreal.

But the Kiambu businesswoman based in the Muthurwa area of Banana in Kiambaa sub-county, in an interview on Metha Ya Kagoni Youtube, detailed how he built his business from the scratch.

After completing her secondary education, she was asked by a friend to help her run her small business that vended vegetables.

“My friend would not pay me, but after some months I had gained a lot of experience. I decided to quit and went back to where I was born (in Muthurwa) to start my own business,” she said.

The trader got another job and saved Ksh800 in the first month. She left the new place and that’s how her entrepreneurial journey began.

“I realised that people from my area were buying charcoal from very far. I bought a bag of charcoal at Ksh300 a small of stock of vegetables,” she said.

Within the first day, the charcoal had been sold out and made a good profit that enable her to buy two bags.

She explained that within months her charcoal and vegetable had expanded so much that she had to rent new space.

“At this point, I stocked other items you will find in a general shop. Enemies became so many and I was forced to move of the building I was operating from.

“Luckily, I had saved some money and asked my father to give me his piece of land that was in a strategic position so that I could build my own business premises. I’m happy he agreed,” she said.

Wanjiru was able to put up a building in a short time. She divided it into several spaces and stocked different products.

Today she owns a general shop, a boutique, an animal feeds store and hardware.

“I have never been tempted to take a loan. I use the profits to grow my business and do personal development. My ultimate goal is to own a chain of supermarkets.

“If you want to grow your business, just be disciplined and avoid competing with others. Although I’m a Form Four leaver, many of my suppliers think I have a diploma or degree in marketing.

“Don’t wait to get a lot of my money to actualise your business idea. Start with the little you have and God will bless it. Currently, I’m mentoring young women and helping them start small businesses,” she stated.

But despite her business success, Wanjiru disclosed that she has a strong desire to get married and raise her own family.

“I seriously praying for a husband. A man who will support this dream. As long as he is genuine, I don’t care whether he is rich or poor. I did not interact with men much in my 20s because that is the time I was building my business, but now I’m ready to mingle.”

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