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‘How Pathetic And Sad Your Life is,’ Grace Ekirapa Roasts Insensitive Troll

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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NTV gospel show presenter Grace Ekirapa rebuked a social media user who asked why she is yet to bear year after one year in marriage.

On her Instagram page, Ekirapa posted a pet that she said gives her companion and pleasure when her husband, Pascal Tokodi is not around.

She described the tamed animal as her miracle.

“My cuddle partner when Pascal is away, my birthday mate, my miracle, my second chance, my definition of unconditional love all in one called ACE and GRACE. I love my Fur Baby so much,” she praised the pet dog.

A social media bully using a pseudo account, Lydia Bosi73, commented that she should stop bonding with a dog and instead have a baby.

“Stop raising a dog, you should have your own child to raise,” she wrote.

The Crossover 101 host called out the troll, telling her that she should concentrate on things that can impact her life positively.

“I would have deleted this comment, but I won’t. Instead of feeling hurt, I actually feel pity for you. How pathetic and sad your life is that you cannot even use your real face or name. SOO SAD. I hope someday your life will find meaning,”

In July this year, the TV personality condemned people who were pressuring women to get children just because they have been married.

In a lengthy post, she said it was wrong to assume that a woman can just decide not to have a baby without enough reasons, some of which she said are beyond one’s control.

“I would like to take about people who desire children and work so hard at it but face challenges. Others get doctors reports that they can never have children, some get pregnant and lose the baby before it gets to term…

“What I’m saying is, nobody really has control over how life will come to this world or how it will leave. God gives and takes,” she wrote.

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