How to Dress Appropriately During Pregnancy And After Delivery

So many changes are experienced during pregnancy that expectant mothers are not able to continue with their normal lives, including what they eat or wear.

Experienced Nairobi-based clinical officer and midwife Enoch Murunga says: “Pregnancy is an interesting journey that brings changes to the body. It is, therefore, important to note that these changes occur both during pregnancy and after delivery. “

All the systems in the body are affected in one way or the other and not just the size and shape, leading to the different experiences in pregnancy.

“When discussing dressing in pregnancy, it is good to understand why these things are so important.”

When considering the dressing mode, have the following things in mind:

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You will be attending antenatal clinics where physical examination will be done;

You will be passing urine frequently;

Your abdomen and the whole body will increase in size;

You will have increased sweating due to hormonal changes and the pregnancy might cause an increase in vaginal discharge.

The material for the dressing during pregnancy should be soft, comfortable and able to absorb sweat (cotton is preferred).

Avoid materials that increase sweating that might end up in a rash on the skin which becomes infected.

Always wear clean clothes.

Choose clothes that can easily be adjusted as your baby grows. They should give easy access to the body, especially the abdomen during antenatal clinic visits and ease visits to the toilet (due to increased frequency of micturition).

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Free dresses and wrap dresses come in handy

Avoid tight clothes that prevent the skin from breathing.

Tight clothes bring discomfort; they contribute to heartburn and indigestio,n which can cause nausea and vomiting.

Wearing Loose, soft and comfortable clothes, especially at night helps you to get sleep.

 Choose clothes and bras that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Bras that are padded or have underwire can prevent blood circulation and can lead to lumps as a result of fluid retention.

Avoid such bras.

NB: A happier baby is a result of a happier mother. Wearing the right clothes makes you comfortable and calm and thus happier. When you take care of yourself, you have taken the first step to taking care of your baby.

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