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Huddah Monroe Says She Has Made Over Ksh5 Million From Private Chats With Men

by Kassim Mohammed
2 mins read

Socialite-cum-entrepreneur Huddah Monroe stunned her followers by revealing the amount of money she has made through her OnlyFans platform.

The celebrity disclosed that she has made more than Ksh5 million through her posts on the private account.

The self-proclaimed bosschick further claimed to have earned only Ksh700,000 after taking a break from the private chats website in June.

She has already withdrawn over Ksh4,500,000 since launching the growing website for social media users and content creators.

“I withdrew over $45,000 off my OnlyFans! Still got my balance $7000 lol! thought people left,” posted Huddah.

The Huddah Cosmetics boss advised her followers never to be embarrassed about their income-generating ventures, when they run broke, only a few or none will come to their rescue.

“Don’t be embarrassed of your hustle! When you are broke, very few people will come to rescue you,” said Huddah.

The Nairobi socialite is among the many celebrities who have ventured into the OnlyFans website to earn money from their followers through subscription.

She uses the platform to post her selfies and videos, showing her curvaceous body that leaves her male followers drooling.

A subscriber to a content creator can view their post in exchange for a monthly membership fee. The platform accepts a monthly subscription of about $4.99.

The platform allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a regular basis as well as off tips and the Pay-Per-View feature.

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