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‘Huwezi Mkataa’: Karen Nyamu Says No Sane Woman Can Reject Samidoh

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Karen Nyamu praises Samidoh

Nairobi lawyer and aspiring politician Karen Nyamu has asked Kenyans to stop judging her unfairly for falling in love with mugithi music maestro Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh.

Karen said her love story with the artiste is unique and that she had never dreamt that one day she would be his baby mama.

The lawyer revealed that when Samidoh started courting her, it did not take long before she fell for him.

“I remember we were in an event and we didn’t talk much. But later, Samidoh’s PA sent me some paparazzi photos in which I was with him. From there we met several other times and the rest is history,” she said.

Speaking during an interview on Jeff Kuria TV – a YouTube channel – the mother of two described Samidoh as an attractive guy whose advances no sane woman can decline.

“Even if it was another woman who was in my position, she would have fallen in love. He is attractive, likeable, I mean, no woman can say no,” she said.

The former Nairobi Woman Representative aspirant confessed that she loves the singer so much, but she has no intention of breaking up his family.

She remarked that Samidoh should stick to his first wife.

“I’m not a homewrecker as my critics have been saying. In fact, when I’m praying for him, I do ask God to bless his wife and children. Not even once I have ever wanted him to abandon his family.”

Third Pregnancy 

She also confirmed her third pregnancy and insisted that the Ndi Mutwe Mwega hitmaker is the father.

Concerning the recent video in which she accused the singer of assault, the lawyer said the matter had been solved amicably despite having vowed to sue her baby daddy.

“I’m sorry for what happened though I don’t regret it. At that time, I was very angry and that’s why I went live on Instagram to rant. I don’t hate at all,” she said.

Asked why she was courting controversy using Samidoh’s name, Karen said she believes it is God who is building her profile for politics.

“After failing to get the seat I wanted in 2017, I asked God to help me become known. I believe even negative publicity is not bad for me because God knows I asked for this.”

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