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‘I Almost Sold My Soul to Evil,’ African Bantu Recalls Events on Live TV

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Simon Kimani, who is popularly known as Bamboo, was labelled hip-hop king after being the first African rapper to create major waves in the US music scene. He also composed and sang Kiswahili songs such as Kumbaff, and Usilete Compe.

The artiste was born in Nairobi, and later moved to the Inglewood neighbourhood California, United States.

His father, a born-again Christian, is a former musician, guitarist, and vocalist who played in clubs. This created a platform for Bamboo as he got widely exposed to music.

In an interview on Switch TV’s Full Circle With Mwikali, he revealed that he got exposed to black magic while in New York by a Jamaican girl named Crystal in order to get quicker deals within a short time.

After declining the advances everything started falling apart and he met another woman, who referred him to a man named Dr Jafari, who surprisingly knew what Simon was going through. He was sent home to get a Zesta can.

“He started lifting up every article that was inside the Zesta can, and he says here we have ABCD and that voice would laugh and explain what that was for. One was to prevent me from going overseas, the other one was to prevent me from having money, and another one was to prevent me from having publicity. All the things that I used to have before,” he explained.

He was asked to offer a camel for its blood to destroy the obstacles.

The New Bamboo

Three years ago, the former secular rapper shocked his fans when he became a pastor. He decided to take on a journey that many opt not to because of the sacrifice that comes with it. He is now a born-again Christian and keen to deliver God’s message to his people.

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