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I Became a Chokoraa After So Much Fame: Gospel Artiste Narrates

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Gospel Artiste says he became a Chokoraa after fame

A renowned gospel artiste has recounted how his life moved from grace to grass, thanks bad influence and negative peer pressure.

In his early 20s, Kikuyu gospel musician Paul Njoroge was already a household name. He had produced several hit songs that made name overtake even the established singers.

“Although I did not have much money, I was well known in the Mt Kenya region. The favour of the Lord was indeed upon me,” he said during an interview on Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM).

However, life began taking a different path when his parents sponsored him to advance his studies in the United Kingdom.

While in the UK, he met new friends from Kenya, whom he says led him astray. He claims that they influenced him and he started taking alcohol and abusing other drugs.

“I don’t blame them because I’m the one who made my decisions to start drinking, but I know they were part of my downfall. From a man who was deeply rooted in the word of God to an alcohol addict,” he recalled.

Njoroge explained that after addition, he started skiving classes and received several warnings from his lectures.

“If you are a foreign student and fail to attend classes, you get deported. So, I did not wait to be deported, I saved and left for Kenya without even telling my parents,” he said.

I Became a Chokoraa

The musician detailed that when he arrived in the country, he decided to avoid his parents and everyone who knew.

“I went into one of the slums in Nairobi and became a chokoraa (street urchin). I did this because I was really ashamed and could not imagine facing my parents and friends who knew me as a celebrity.”

He later moved to Githurai in Kiambu after some people in the slum recognised. There he did manual jobs to sustain himself.

He would spend most him money on alcohol.

“After several years in Githurai, I met a pastor who asked me to accept Jesus again. I was hesitant, but after some time I got saved,” he said.

From there he started picking up his life and the first thing he did was facing his parents for an apology – they were gracious enough to forgive him.

Fast forward, he is producing gospel songs and hopes his message will reach more people.

He also does counseling in schools to caution the youth against drugs.

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