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‘I Feel Like Forest Should be My Home’, Depressed Actress Cries For Help

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Actress tells of her depression

Not so long she graced the screens and entertained millions of Kenyans. But today, she is hopeless and pleading for help.

This is the sad story of popular actress Charity Wang’ondu, popularly known as Gaterina, by her fans.

Gaterina became a household name in 2016 when Inooro TV was launched.

She was the main actress in a popular TV series dubbed Gaterina. Her great acting skills and unmatched sense of humor would keep viewers glued to screens.

A few years later, the programme was scrapped and it was until recently she opened up about what has been happening in her life.

The entertainer confessed depression has hit her hard and she can’t cope anymore.

“I’m depressed and I know it. I have tried to seek help, but still, I’m struggling,” she said in an interview on Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM) TV.

My Journey With Depression

Gaterina revealed that her battle with the mental condition did not begin after losing her TV job.

“I think I started having depression when I was in primary school. My fellow pupils would always tease me because I had a big body and this escalated when I joined High School. I felt I was not worthy and hated myself. Sometimes I feel like I should be in the forest and stay there” she said.

The thespian said since then she has been sinking into depression every day and now it is getting out of hand.

Although she did her Geterina role very perfectly, the actress disclosed that it took the efforts of her counterparts to push her.

“Sometimes I would fail to show up during the casting. I remember they would come to my house and pick whether I liked it or not. Not once or twice my producers got angry with me because I could even refuse to do my role all because of my condition.”

In addition, her marriage failed to work, as she would always disrespect her husband.

“I blame myself. I would not do anything in the house yet he provided everything. Sometimes I would not even feed our child. He tried his best to save our marriage, but I let him down,” she said.

Further, she said her child, whom she lives with in a small house in Makadara, Nairobi, has countlessly become a victim of her unstable emotions and alcoholism. Gaterina revealed that there are times she beats him mercilessly and it only takes the intervention of neighbours.

Asked why she had never sought treatment, the thespian said she is unable to afford rehabilitation fees.

She now pleading with well-wishers to come to her rescue.

“Help me raise money for treatment. I would love to start my career again, but first I have to sober,” she said.

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