There is a popular Kiswahili saying, ‘Tenda wema nenda zako (do good and go your way)’ that encourages people to be good and kind to everyone they come across.

The phrase also motivates those in high positions to help their juniors achieve their dreams, as their kindness might be rewarded one day.

In 2011, celebrated Kenyan TV script writer Abel Mutua was already making a killing in the entertainment industry.

He was heavily involved in the production and casting of two popular shows on Citizen TV – Mother-in-Law and Tahidi High.

One day during that year, he went to watch the rehearsals of a drama skit at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in Nairobi.

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As the skit was coming to an end, the talent had noticed a character, who had left him in stitches. It was Timothy Kimani Ndegwa aka Njugush.

“After they finished rehearsing, I approached him and praised his work. I also told him that he would be a great actor and comedian,” Mutua recalled.

Speaking on his YouTube channel under the weekly segment, Celebrity First Encounter, the thespian said he promised to help Njugush come to the national limelight.

“This guy was humble and he could act any role. I told myself that I would walk with him until he makes his first Ksh100,000. That came to pass.”

He Is Now Feeding Me

A few years later, Njugush became a big brand that many businesses wanted to work with.

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But he comedian’s biggest moment came in 2017, when a company offered him a lucrative advertising deal on his YouTube channel.

“Njugush calls me and says that he has been offered Ksh1 million. I congratulated him and told him I didn’t need to be paid.”

However, Njugush was to determined to help his mentor.

“So this man wanted to repay my kindness, which I was against. He insisted and told me that he wanted my wife to be his manager.

“My wife Judy Nyawira left her job and became his manager. By that time, Njugush was getting endorsements right, left, centre. My job was not doing well, but my wife was earning good money and so our life was not disrupted.

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“For the past two years, the man I helped when he was a nobody has been feeding me.”

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