‘I Like Stormy Nights and Full Moons,’ Confesses Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has lately been uploading content on her social media platforms that leaves readers with many questions.

Today, 23rd September, she has done it again and one wonders what could be going on in the TV queen’s mind.

What would you make of the message below, which Lilian posted on Instagram today.

“I like stormy nights and full moons. I like wolves and wild water. I like to wander and I like adventures. I like unpredictable kisses and conversations full of unexpected truth. I like things that have the soul. They make me feel free.”

The message was accompanied by a nice photo of herself which did not match with the caption.

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And a little longer, she was at it again.

This time round she trolled those who pretend not to like certain things about other people but end up doing the same things.

“Best compliment ever is when someone is constantly copying you. From your car to the school your kid goes to. Constantly upgrading their lives based on your standards instead of setting their own.”

Now for this one, the broadcaster was clearly attacking someone indirectly, and being the celebrity that she is, we are not surprised at all.

“Sipping my tea!” she proudly concluded.

Away from her provocative uploads, Lilian, a few days ago had a very important message on stress management.

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She sought to educate her fans on ways of dealing with stress.

“Ever told someone about something that was stressing you and instantly regretted it?”

She started by highlighting where many mess everything up.

Her advice was so simple and straight to the point.

“Well here’s what you do when you are stressed…shut your mouth, pray to God, Dress up and show up!” she advised.

And to live the talk, she had for sure dressed up ad showed up on that particular day.

As to whether she was herself stressed out, we do not know, but she had a helpful message.

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