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‘I Want to Give up,’ Nurse Wanja Mwaura Resigned as Covid-19 Takes Toll on Her

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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Hundreds of Kenyans on Facebook have cheered up nurse-cum-blogger Wanja Mwaura after narrating her ordeal in her fight against Covid-19.

Wanja, who is battling the monster at Laveen Hospital in Thika, said she had given up. “I want to resign from pains of this world”.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, the blogger said the virus had stretched her to the limit.

“I want to give up now. No longer strong enough to keep up the fight. I am down to my very last. I need to rest from this pain and discomfort. I am tired,” she wrote.

Two days ago, she said she was struggling to breathe.

“It has been a tough night, breathing is an issue. I’m tired of the heavy breathing, deep breath, fevers skyrocketing, I don’t know which is the best position to sleep on despite trying to sleep on my belly. It’s super crazy.”

she asked for prayers from her friends and fans, saying she needed to overpower the virus because of her children.

“I need your help family. The kind of help I need from you is to pray for me. I need to pull this through for the sake of my children. Say a prayer for me, dear ones. I know I have enemies who will rejoice when they see this but I really don’t care. I know I have few genuine friends here who will carry the burden of praying for me. Help me, dear ones to fight this thing.”

Don’t Give Up

This evening, over 5,000 Kenyans took their time to encourage Wanja.

The warm-hearted netizens pleaded with her not to give up for the sake of her children. Below are some comments:

Mwangi Muthiora: “You will pull through mama. I can feel your pain and struggle. Until it hits you, you’ll not know how devastating this monster is.”

Ann Lawrence: “Jehova, the mighty man of war. Arise for this woman of valour. We speak strength and peace in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Leah Mercy: “May you receive total healing in Jesus MIGHTY NAME I PRAY.”

Stephen Musango: “You will not give up. The world is not ready to be without you. Not now.”

Nyambura Zippy: “Praying with you Wanja Mwaura. God is faithful to heal. He sent His word to heal our diseases. I speak healing in Jesus’s Name. You shall live to speak of the goodness of God.”

Christine Nyambura: “You can’t give up remember your babies are waiting for you at home, very eager to give you the biggest hug. You are a fighter and you will overcome.”

Wanja was thrust into the limelight in 2017 after highlighting the plight of a former schoolmate, Patrick Hinga, who had struggled with addiction for 15 years.

She appealed to her social media fans to help her raise money for his rehabilitation.

Within a few days, the story caught the attention of mainstream media and Hinga secured free treatment at Chiromo Lane Medical Centre in Nairobi.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to stomach complications in 2019.

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