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‘I Wanted a Friend Not a Perfect Person,’ Says Rashid Abdallah on Love and Marriage

by Esther M.
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When you come across two happily married individuals, the question that is likely to hit your mind first is: ‘How did they find each other?

Well, this narrows down to what they were exactly looking for before they found that person that now makes a perfect partner for them.

This is because one needs to know what one wants in one’s spouse even before engaging in the search mission.

Now, Citizen TV Kiswahili news anchors Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah are greatly loved and admired by their fans as the best TV couple in the country.

The two have been able to hold up their celebrity marriage for 13 years now.

Well, Rashid revealed his part today, 2nd August, as the couple marked their anniversary.

He confessed that he wasn’t looking for a perfect person but a friend when he met his pretty wife, Lulu Hassan.

image 5

“I wanted a friend, not a perfect person, someone who could accept my weaknesses. I didn’t want the best but I got one with all goodness,” Rashid wrote.

He then thanked God for the long years of a successful marriage.

image 8
image 8

“Thank you, God, for 13 years of learning, working hard, and friendship. Continue leading us,” he prayed.

Lulu didn’t reveal what she was looking for in her ideal man but prayed to God to continue helping them in their marriage.

image 6
image 6

“May God continue to have mercy on us, bless us, and grant us the wisdom to endure the coming years🙏🏽🙏🏽,” she posted on her IG. The couple are proud parents of three children, two boys, and a girl.

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image 7

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