Kenyan YouTube comedy creator Erastus Emmanuel Otieno, who is popularly known as Flaqo Raz, has vowed to bounce back after the popular international video-sharing platform terminated his venture.

In his hilarious skits, he has been acting as his mother, father, himself and his sister, since 2018.

He says that most of his content is picked up from real-life situations, to which he adds a little fun to make the skits more interesting.

However, the comedian was stunned when he received a message from YouTube, saying that his channel had been terminated.

According to YouTube, his channel has been linked to another that was disabled for having copyright issues.

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Otieno took to his Instagram, urging fellow Kenyans to report any accounts that might have been illegally created in his name.

He said that he that realised all the copycat accounts have the same content as his.

“At this point, it’s really exhausting. Please, report all channels that are not mine but have my content. I’ve worked so hard to be disrespected. Because I am just about to launch my show on YouTube, it’s maliciously taken down. I am not dropping the mic by the way, so if you maliciously want me out of the industry, sorry. We will be back with twice the energy. This war of kicking me out of social media every time is getting a little personal,” he wrote.

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Kenyans have expressed support and sympathy to the comedian.

Even though his account has been disabled, the comedian has stated that he is just getting started again.

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