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‘Illuminati People Drew My Blood Using a Knife,’ Kenyan Artiste Confesses

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Renowned music producer-cum-artiste Magix Enga has shocked his fans after confessing that he owes part of his success in the entertainment industry to Illuminati, a group believed to be satanic and whose members are speculated to be devil worshippers.

He said joined the secretive society when he was only 24 after a meeting with a white woman in Nairobi.

Enga claimed that the recruiters assured her of instant success if agreed to Illuminati’s terms and conditions.

According to him, the woman linked her to a famous American record producer (name withheld), who gave her some secrets of the organisation.

“She linked to the artiste and we talked on the phone. In our conversation, he said I will be successful within a month or two,” he said during an interview with Kenyan Vlogger Ali, adding that he was broke at the time.

A few years ago, there were speculations that Enga would do a collaboration with the American celebrity.

The producer mentioned that things started to look up after the recruitment, becoming financially stable and his career on an upward trajectory.

“Almost immediately after I joined, I bought my first car and two more with no time,” he said.

He alleged that they would draw blood from his body using a knife. He was quick to note that he did not offer any human sacrifice.

The Dundaing crooner alluded that he was forced out of the group after some demands he could not meet.

“I started praying and was involved in a road accident along Thika Super Highway. I also lost everything after I become prayerful.”

He also claimed that he knows many musicians in Kenya who have joined Illuminati to have overnight success and it has worked.

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