‘I’m so Proud of You,’ Kate Actress Says on Meeting ‘Maria’ TV Series Actresses

Leading Kenyan actress and model Kate Actress, real name Catherine Kamau, is an outstanding figure in the film industry.

The award-winninng actress is popularly known for her role as Celina in the Mother in-Law TV movie series.

Kate took to her social media platforms to express her joy after meeting with the actresses on the popular TV movie series Maria.

“We finally met 😃, so proud of these girls; the work they are putting in, I am amazed 🙌” she wrote as she shared some photos with the movie’s top actress Maria and the twins, Kobi and Tobi.

Kate was also excited by the fact that they acknowledged her as a legend in the film industry.

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“Also they called me a legend. I am old,” she added.

Early this month, Kate celebrated her birthday and yet another Maria actress confessed that the birthday girl is her role model.

Maggie, whose real name is Dorea Chege, took to her Instagram to pen a sweet birthday message for Kate.

“Happy birthday to the one I look up to❤” she wrote in part.

Maggie reiterated her love for her role model, saying she looked forward into working with her this year.

“Kate Actress I love you. Looking forward to working with you this year! Amen,” she added.

Upon seeing the post, Kate assured her that her future was bright.

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“I am extremely humbled 😭🙏 you are going places baby doll. You are a STAR PERIOD,” she wrote.

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