Images of Mars by Perseverance Rover The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Nasa’s Perseverance Rover landed on Mars at 20:55 GMT (about 23:55 EAT) on 18th February after almost seven months of travelling in space from the earth.

Since then, it has sent back some amazing images from around its landing site, Jezero Crater, a 49km (30-mile) wide impact depression just north of the Red Planet’s equator.

Here is a selection of the pictures sent back from the mission, as Perseverance hunts for signs of past microbial life, seeks to characterise the planet’s geology and past climate, and collects Martian rock.

The first image of the Perseverance Rover on the surface was taken from the High Resolution Imaging Experiment camera aboard Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
This is the first high-resolution, colour image to be sent back by the cameras on the underside of the rover after its landing.
Perseverance is carrying an advanced payload of science instruments to gather information about the planet’s geology, atmosphere and environmental conditions. The camera that took this image is located high on the rover’s mast and aids in driving.
This is a view of the rover’s deck and provides a good look at PIXL, one of the instruments on the rover’s stowed arm that will be used to identify chemical elements.
PIXL also includes a camera that takes close-up images of rock and soil textures.
In this image, the “right eye” of Mastcam-Z has zoomed in on what is probably a section of the ancient delta in Jezero that has become isolated from the main formation as a result of erosion over time. The layered sediments of the delta are one of the key science targets for the rover in its search for signs of ancient life.
The earliest pictures sent back were made during the rover’s descent. Here, Perseverance is being lowered on three nylon ropes and an “umbilical cord”. When the rover’s wheels touched the ground, the tethers were severed.

All images copyright Nasa/JPL-Caltech

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