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‘Is He Okay?’ Latest Photos of President Ruto Worry Kenyans

by litfeed
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President William Ruto’s three-day development tour of South Nyanza that ended on Saturday has been big on the mainstream media, but social media was discussing another topic.

Some of photos from the functions Ruto attended have been subjected to scrutiny, chiefly because the Head of State appeared as if he was not himself.

Don’t get it wrong. In all his speeches, the President was vibrant as usual.

However, a number of pictures portrayed as if something was disturbing him, though many spoke in parables for obvious reasons.

A section of Kenyans to social media to ask if all was well with the President.

However, others said there was no cause of alarm.


Njoroge Maingi: “Let’s wish him well, it’s against our culture to wish anyone bad luck.”

Joshua Kirimi: “Body shaming is bad. Health and wealth is God given.”

Abdimalik Muhamud: “In Kenya it is easier to be in opposition than in government.”

Mfalme Arthur: “Health belongs to God. Wealth belongs to God, Kenya belongs to God and only God’s will prevails in health, wealth and the country. When you are given an assignment do it diligently and honestly.”

Ariango Nyonje: “I think he is physically fit.”

Vickie Shiko: “Our president is blessed, good health and wisdom is his portion. Live long Mr. President.”

Naaman Kimutai: “However much you hate someone, never wish him/her sickness nor rejoice over his/her sickness.”

Boniface Ndumia: “So what is it with his weight? When he gained remarkable weight after being sworn in, it was an issue. Now that he could have done something about it, it still an issue? When will we as a nation focus on important issues affecting the nation – rather than the physique of the President?”

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