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It’s Not About a New Year, But a Renewed You

by litfeed
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By George Kimando

I sincerely hope you had a fabulous Christmas, with the beautiful story of redemption and true freedom in Christ, and a renewed fellowship with the Father finding home in your hearts.

Today marks the first day of yet another year, and many will make – if not already made – resolutions as we ‘jump’ the year. How long they will keep the commitments is another story altogether.

But 1st January is simply another day, this time a Saturday. Like any other day, it has 24 hours. The sun will rise in the East and set in the West. It could be sunny, or rainy, or cloudy. Just like any other season with its weather.

Challenges we are facing won’t simply disappear miraculously because it’s a new year.

Covid is still with us. Money will not be credited to depleted bank accounts on the red. For parents and guardians with children going back to school, fees demands knock, even before this 62 days month starts.

Economic depression will not simply disappear. As a country, we still owe China trillions, and counting. And we still have the potentially explosive elections to deal with in August.

So, why the hype?

Meaning and substance are created and attached to matter (things, people, events, seasons, etc) both individually and collectively.

As with Christmas celebrated a week ago, numerous conversations centre around the actuality of Jesus being born on 25th December 25. Historians and many others will bring up academic findings that this isn’t even the actual date that Jesus was born, and that it even was a pagan festival. This is actually true, no need for arguments.

But they miss the bigger story of the meaning and substance attached to Christmas, as a commemoration of the biggest event of the Christian believer: the birth of Christ. Focusing on the date is beside the point.

More like when we have alternative rites of passage replacing FGM. It’s the meaning that counts.

And the same goes with a year passing and another dawning.

It’s the meaning and substance we attach to matters that concern us that will make the difference.

Things won’t simply change because it’s a ‘new’ year. It won’t just become a ‘happy new year’ because December 31st expired at midnight and 1st January came to be.

It’s just another day.

It means we have to pull the efforts, the brain work, the strategies, the focus, the Faith, the Prayers…the hours and energy to succeed in whatever we endeavor.

It can’t be a one day affair, but a series of deliberate steps towards long term strategic plans that will make the difference.

Simply put, you have to define the MEANING and SUBSTANCE you attach to MATTERS that concern you, your life and those you affect by what you do. A year, which puts determinate space to time, can only help you set time bound targets.

It’s by making the right choices daily, remaining grateful for the gifts of life and love and faith and health, choosing virtue over vice and good over evil, that will make all the difference; not expecting some miraculous turnaround at the turn of the year.

Happy new year though. But remember it’s just another year, starting anew with just another New Year day.

May God go ahead of you, fill and surround you with His spirit, cover your goings out and comings back, and bless you as only He can. He makes all things beautiful at the right time. Cheers to the new year!

Have a reflective New Year’s Day today, and a great year ahead!

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