Jalang’o Hilariously Shocked on His New Radio Job, as Co-host Describes Her Ideal Man

A few weeks after comedian Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o lost his job at the Mediamax Network Limited-owned Milele FM, the entertainer is back on air.

The rib-tickling star reported to his work station, Kiss FM, on Monday, 13th July.

As usual, he did not disappoint and fans took to social media to express their joy as they listened to their favourite comedian once again.

However, what has become the talk on Instagram is a clip that Jalang’o shared as he interacted with his new co-host, Kamene Goro.

In the hilarious video, Kamene detailed to Jalang’o the key attributes of her ideal man, and the comedian was in utter shock.

The curvaceous presenter explained that she needs four basics before she can take in a man as her husband.

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Kiss FM Radio Presenter Kamene Goro

Ideal Man

The first requirement is that the dude must own a car. Ooops, not just a car, but a high-end machine that is spacious and comfortable.

Second, the potential husband must every day, without fail, remind her that she is pretty and the only one in his life.

“When we wake up, I ask for some soothing words and in the evening he has to do the same. During the day, I must receive calls that he misses me, whether it is a lie or not,” she said.

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Third, the man must be ready to wash dishes after every meal. Kamene said that her nails cannot allow her to clean utensils, but she can cook.

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The final basic requirement, which she termed as most important, is that the lover must be heavily bearded.

For a moment, Jalang’o thought he was listening to the script of a movie to be casted.

“You mean a heavily bearded man washing dishes and he has a guzzler? Is that even earthly? I will try and look for a man who fits that description, but so far, I haven’t met any like that,” he said in his comical voice.

The new radio combination has already become a darling to many. On Monday morning, the breakfast show was trending at number one on Twitter.

Jalang’o enjoys a huge online command and corporates have always looked for him to influence the buying of their products.

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