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Jeff Murder: DJ Fatxo Makes Biggest Blunder, He Will Regret Forever

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Beleaguered musician DJ Fatxo has finally addressed the media to tell the world what he knows about the death of Jeff Mwathi, the up-and-coming interior designer, who died at his house.

Fortunately or unfortunately, his statement left a trail of confusion that could destroy his brand even further.

The Mugithi star said he had known Jeff for two years and was deeply sad to learn his death.

However, he messed up big time trying to clear his name while at the time fixing his cousin and driver, who were in the house when the deceased’s body fell from the 10th floor of his house.

He had left barely an hour earlier to drop three women who were with him on the night of February 22 when the incident happened.

In his statement, DJ Fatxo narrated that he returned home around 9 am, nearly five hours after leaving only to find Jeff was not in the house.

He says he confronted his cousin and driver after they failed to explain the whereabouts of Jeff.

“I reported Jeff as a missing person and also alerted his family,” he said.

The statement contradicts the CCTV footage. CCTV shows that he found a scene on the ground floor as neighbours and the management of Redwood apartment tried to identify Jeff’s body, held his head in shock and then went up.

But now he says by the time he was getting to his house, he was not aware Jeff’s body was lying dead on the ground floor.

Also, he fumbled on admission that the first thought that came to his mind when he could not find Jeff was to report instead of reaching out to his family or friends to know whether they could trace him.

The law does not allow a person to be reported as missing before a lapse of 24 hours from the time he/she was last seen.

DJ Fatxo suggested his cousin and driver are responsible and not him.

“I am cooperating with authorities as we seek justice for Jeff. This is a difficult one, but we will emerge victorious.”

Some PR practitioners have posted on social media that the press conference was a big flop and attempts to frame the two men while playing saint backfired on him.

His lawyers led by Ndegwa Njiru are on the spotlight for offering “poor legal advise” and allowing their client to hold a presser while “unprepared”. Throughout, he was shaking and looked unease.

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