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Jimmy Kibaki Proudly Shows Off Pretty Second Wife And Daughter

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Businessman Jimmy Kibaki appears to be proud of his polygamous status.

Litkenya.com has authoritatively confirmed that Jimmy, the son of the late third President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, has two wives.

This writer came to know about Jimmy’s second wife in November last year when retired President Kibaki, who died last month, was marking his 90th birthday.

Kibaki’s low-key birthday party, which was his last, was attended by close family members.

To help Kibaki cut his cake was Jimmy, his second wife, Catherine, and the former Head of State’s daughter, Judy.

Jimmy’s first wife, Sheryl Anne, is a Kenyan of Asian origin.

Jimmy met Anne at the St Mary’s School in Nairobi. They have been blessed with three children – Mwai Kibaki Junior, Sean Andrew and Emma Ngini.

Sheryl Anne with her sons, Sean Andrew (left) and Mwai Kibaki Junior (right).

During Kibaki’s funeral on April 30, Jimmy was photographed with his wife Catherine and a sweet little girl believed to be their daughter. This went unnoticed by many people.

A photo of Jimmy Kibaki and his second wife Catherine holding their daughter.

Our sources revealed that Jimmy was encouraged by his late mother, the late Mama Lucy Kibaki, to marry Catherine as he contemplated a plunge into politics just before the 2013 General Election.

At the time, Kibaki was exiting power after serving his two terms and some people had proposed Jimmy to succeed his father as the Othaya MP.

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