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Joho Blasts DP Ruto Over Plot to Form New Coastal Political Party

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has accused Deputy President William and his allies of plotting to form a new political party and divide the coastal region.

He claimed that DP Ruto was luring coastal leaders to ditch ODM and form another party.

Joho, who is an ODM deputy party leader, said a new political party would only divide the people further and undermine the unity the region has been enjoying. This, he added, had enabled them to push their agenda as a united people.

“A group of current and former MPs from the coast has been going around the region talking of forming a new political party supposedly to champion the interests of locals. There is nothing new in this push. It is the usual case of people trying to earn a living through fraud and conmanship whose godfather Kenyans know only too well, ” said Joho in a statement.

“The people behind this push are leaders and others rejected in the previous elections, who have sold their souls to Deputy President William Ruto and joined his campaign of fraud and lies that all sensible Kenyans know is doomed to fail.”

Joho dared the politicians to resign from their elected posts and seek re-election under their new political party.

“These leaders lack the courage to say they have moved and they are ready to surrender their current positions and seek a fresh mandate. Like their sponsor, William Ruto, these people want to say their parties have failed the people but still continue earning salaries and allowances on the basis of a mandate given to them by voters loyal to those parties.”

Joho urged these leaders to stop the drama, join his party and let the people of the coast choose between their sponsor, DP Ruto, and the agenda being pushed by President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

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