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Joho Causes Buzz as He Chats With His Obedient Giraffes, Having Maximum Fun

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Had Azimio la Umoja flag bearer Raila Odinga won the presidency, former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho would be a very busy man. He was the Lands Cabinet Secretary-designate.

But since his political bets did not match up, the former county now has a lot of free time.

The filthy rich politician has been maximizing this season on fun activities at his residences and other places where tycoons flock to spend their millions.

Joho caused a frenzy on Instagram after sharing a video in which he was passing time with three giraffes he has domesticated.

Wearing a pair of shorts and a vest, Joho started communicating with the animals that were standing on the lawns of his beautiful mansion.

“Let’s go, let’s go, guys, come on!” he instructed the giraffes.

And within a second, the animals followed him, a sign that they understand the language of their boss.


Hundreds of Kenyans took to the comments section to make their opinions. Netizens seemed to agree that money is good.


Beth Moraaa: “When I grow up (I would want this life).”

Clinton Shasha: “Now this is called happy retirement.”

Muli Kavolonza: “Amazing, you are just blessed.”

Alice MD: “You are having too much fun.”

Vickie Venor: “It is like the giraffes are in a modeling lesson (because of the way they were walking majestically).”

Dougie Madule: “There are even catwalking.”

Bill Okoronkwo: “Money is good. If you try to talk with giraffes without money, they will kick you.”

Lydia Selete: “I want to come to your residence for a tour.”

Delvin Njenga: “This is a way of telling us to work harder.”

Sarah Mueke: “Mhesh you’ve decided to have giraffes as your friends.”

Najma Goshy: “What retirement looks like.”

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