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Journalist Planted by Intelligence to Spy on Citizen TV Shocks Colleagues on Her Last Day

by litfeed
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Royal Media Services (RMS), the largest media empire in the country, is run like a military camp – only scanty information is available to the public.

Besides the journalistic work done by Citizen TV, Radio Citizen, Inooro TV, Ramogi FM, and Hot 96, the rest is invisible to the world.

While it is in the public domain that the media house is owned by billionaire businessman SK Macharia and his family, it is not easy to tell whether there are other shareholders. On top of that, good luck if you try investigating the company’s operations.

Unravelling the real picture and behind the scenes functioning required the government to be clever.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) reportedly pulled the strings and planted one of its officers, Ruth Wanjiku Njuguna, in the company.

Wanjiku joined the company as a reporter for Inooro FM and Radio Citizen. Fluent in both Kikuyu and Kiswahili and a unique skill of telling stories, she was good to go.

For years, she covered a variety of stories touching on national issues, current affairs and human interest.

On social media, her bio indicated that she was an employee of RMS and occasionally willing to share little about her personal life. At the time, she was the mother of one boy.

All this time, she she was gathering information from the company for her real employer, NIS.

A Spy

One day, she resigned and while saying goodbye to her colleagues, she revealed to them that she was a spy, an impeccable source told Litkenya.com.

Her colleagues and bosses were shocked beyond words.

However, she didn’t disclose the information or data she had collected.

Immediately after parting ways with RMS, she erased almost all her social media footprints.

This writer, having interacted with her on Facebook before, tried to look for it only to discover it changed name from Ruth Ciku Njuguna to Ciku Ciku Ciku, though all her photos and anything associated with RMS had been removed.

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