Nominated Jubilee Senator Isaac Mwaura has lamented that the country is headed in the wrong direction, with a “corruption enterprise” taking root.

Speaking in Nairobi, Mwaura pointed out that almost every government project is debt-funded.

“We have zero money for development. If you see any road, hospital, or water project and whatever else the government is doing, all that is borrowed money,” said the senator.

The former ODM Nominated MP said he had foreseen the current situation happening after the 2022 elections, but the crunch had come much earlier.

Big 4 Agenda

On housing, which is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda, the other being affordable healthcare, food security and manufacturing, the senator claimed this was a big flop.

“We are supposed to be building 500,000 affordable housing units a year, but only 228 have been built,” Mwaura stated.

He was highly critical of both the national and county governments for failing to pay suppliers more than Ksh150 billion in pending bills. This had hampered cash flow, hence, bringing down the economy.

The senator noted that the country was doomed, as most of development money was being lost to corruption.

“Most of the money that goes to infrastructure development is development corruption because it is inflated bills starting with the SGR.

“We are a huge corruption enterprise and if something is not done, we are going the Greece way. If you look at our political economy, many people want to come into public office, but their motivation is not to serve,” he lamented.

Building Bridges Initiative

Mwaura claimed that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) had been hijacked, and was becoming a tool to silence those conscious about what was happening in the country.

He described it as an opportunity to benefit few individuals using public resources.

“We can expand the BBI and have more mouths to feed and maybe everybody will keep quiet, but you cannot eat what is no longer there because you have to generate more.”

He lamented that all Kenyans had been forced into the mounting unnecessary government debt.

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