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Julian Kyula: City Pastor Who Built Ksh100bn Company And Sold it

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

When Julian Kyula is not attending a high-level business meeting, he will be somewhere gracing a church seminar. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and senior pastor at Purpose Centre Church in Nairobi.

The US-trained businessman is an expert in data, finance and technology, and credit.

In the United States, he worked for the Allegis Group and its owner became his mentor. But before that he sold perfumes and worked as a waiter.

When he returned to Kenya in 2005, he had a well-thought-out plan. He was briefly employed before founding Quest Holdings, a financial risk, and debt management firm.

Unfortunately, running the company became strenuous after accumulating debts worth Ksh100 million. He owed the late billionaire entrepreneur Chris Kirubi Ksh40 million. Eventually, he sold the company at a throw-away price and almost gave up.

In 2010, he founded Mobil Decisioning (Mode), a fintech company whose main objective is to provide airtime credit and financial lending services. The company works with mobile service providers and financial institutions.

Basically, mobile phone users can access micro loans after they ran out of airtime credit. The loan is repaid with a small interest.

His first big deal was with Airtel Kenya, where MoDe offered the technology and even supported it with Ksh50 million from the seed capital he had raised from investors.

Within a short time, the company prospered. His services were wanted outside Kenya and Africa.

The fintech firm expanded to 26 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

He won the IBM Global Entrepreneur award and even caught the attention of Silicon Valley billionaires.

In 2014, MoDe was valued at Ksh100 billion.

In 2017, he outgrew the company and sold it.

He later founded EDOMx Group, another Fintech firm headquartered in the United States, and Beulah City Ltd, a real estate firm developing affordable housing in Kenya.

The father of three sons says Jesus Christ is the most influential person in his life and Bible is the best book he has ever read.

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