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Kabi WaJesus Unveils His ‘Lost’ Daughter as Cousin Baby Mama Protests

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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Popular content creator Kabi WaJesus has introduced his daughter to his online followers after months of drama with his baba mama, who also happens to be his first cousin.

Kabi unveiled the girl on the YouTube channel he shares with his wife.

“So excited. My daughter Abby finally joins our online family,” he said.

The Vlogger said he has started a new journey of building a healthy relationship with his daughter, whom she had abandoned for several years.

“My baby girl. Reuniting with her was the best day of my life, looking forward to this and more,” he said.

Father and daughter went on a fun date where they bonded for the first time in many years. She looked very happy and for sure she has been missing dad’s love.

Kabi’s wife, Milly WaJesus vowed to support her husband, as he cultivates a relationship with his daughter.

“Welcome to our online world baby girl. We love. I am so proud of my husband and Abby. God’s time is the best,” she said.

However, Abby’s mother was not happy at all and called out Kabi for exposing their daughter to the world.

Speaking to gossip blogger Edgar Obare, Dotty Ciku claimed that he was exploiting the child to make money.

“I’m so shocked to see he posted Abby without my consent. For now, he is doing all he wants not considering Abby’s feelings in any way or what she has been through,” Ciku said.

She alleged that even after DNA results showed he fathered the child, he has done little to support her.

“He is just showing off on social media, but on the ground, he is doing nothing. He doesn’t pay her school fees,” she claimed.

However, some Kenyans argued that Ciku should stop being petty and allow the father to make his decisions about the child since he has equal rights.

When the story came out earlier this year, Kabi disowned Abby, claiming that she was his niece.

However, DNA tests proved that he sired the child.

And now it seems co-parenting will be another drama altogether.

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