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Kakamega: 8 Die From Strange Disease After Consuming Stolen Alcohol

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A village in Shinyalu, Kakamega County is reeling under shock following unexplained deaths in the last few weeks.

At least eight people have died from an unknown illness in the past one month.

Strangely, all the victims had exhibited similar symptoms.

The locals explained that all the men had experienced extreme pain in the left arm.

Also, the victims had their skins peeling off.

“My husband was in pain for two days, but he he did not want to show it. He died mysteriously,” Clare Msanga, a widow of one of the victims told Citizen TV.

The villagers revealed that the casualties had consumed an illicit brew stolen from a local den.

Fortunately, one man has recovered after seeking treatment immediately.

“I was very weak. I had headache, pain in the stomach and fever,” Patrick Ingosi said.

Kakamega County’s health department said 22 more people who took the “poisonous” drink are still in critical condition.

Although the cause of illness is yet to be established, some believe the owner of the drinking den went to a witchdoctor in pursuit of vengeance.

However, others claim the victims drank alcohol that was yet to mature and were affected by some of the poisonous chemicals used during making the brew mature quickly.

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