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Kambua Shares Sweet Video of Newborn Daughter, a Year After Losing Son

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

It’s a girl!

Celebrated gospel musician Kambua has announced the arrival of her newborn baby, a day after revealing that she was expecting her third born.

The former Citizen TV gospel show presenter shared an amazing video of her holding her little daughter and the joy on her face showed that she was very ready for this gift.

It is her first daughter and the mother of three is filled with delight and gratitude.

“Nathalie Nyacira Muthiga Mathu! The most beautiful little girl I have laid my eyes on, with a gentle spirit to match. The last couple of months has been so precious with you my rainbow baby. It is truly an honour being your mama.

“My God – my great and exceeding compensation; thank you for blessing us. God of Kambua, thank you for remaining true to who you are,” she wrote.

While Kambua has delivered three babies, one did not make it. He only lived for a few days and grew wings, but his mother still treasures him.

“A little over a year ago, I held my precious baby boy in my arms as his little body grew cold. I was engulfed in a thick, thick darkness. I got to know heartbreak like I never knew possible. But God. He sat with me in my darkness,” she said yesterday, while announcing her third pregnancy.

Kambua’s sons were named Nathaniel and Malachi (the late).


Before conceiving in 2019, Kambua had struggled with infertility for years to the point of giving up. At one moment she asked her husband to marry another woman who would bear him children.

But today she is a beacon of hope to women waiting on the womb.

“Right now a woman somewhere has just learned that her body is not “competent” enough to carry children. Or that her baby won’t survive her pregnancy. A woman has just had a miscarriage… maybe for the fifth time. I know. But I also know that God heals – he gives the strength and courage to move forward. And he restores.”

Congratulations to Kambua and her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu!

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