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Kebs Bans 14 Maize Flour Brands Unfit For Consumption

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read
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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has flagged 14 maize flour brands found to be substandard and unfit for human consumption.

In a statement issued in Nairobi on Sunday, 31st October the standards regulator said that the 14 flour brands failed to meet the required standards.

The recalled brands include Ndovu Maize Flour, Jema Sifted Maize Flour, Jibu Sifted Maize Flour, Jodari, Mugambo Sifted maize Flour, Prestige, Range Corn, Sima Tamu Fortified Maize Meal, Winnies Ugali Afya and Top White Sifted Maize Meal.

Kebs Director of Market Surveillance Peter Kaigwara has urged millers to comply with the required maize flour standards for brands that are yet to be tested before taking them to the market.

He also asked the public to be vigilant and report any products sold to consumers that fail to have the certification marks.

“We encourage your members to always validate the quality marks of products stocked for sale and remind them that any person found offering for sale substandard products contravenes the law and is liable for prosecution,” said Kaigwara.

He noted that the recall order is not a ban but a measure to rectify and eliminate any anomalies in the production of the maize flour.

In August 2021, Kebs banned the sale of 27 meal and flour brands that were non-compliant with the required standards.

The maize brands blacklisted included Budget, Equatorial Ugali Afya, Fahali, Family, Pembe Flour, Riri, Sima Tamu, Tupike, Ziwa, Ugali Bora, Uwezo, and Unga Sawa.

The banned porridge brands included Wimbi Safi Marss, Rimwambi Soya Porridge, Narisha Plus, Rest Food Products Afya Bora Kinara Porridge, Famila Natures Food The Original Ujimix (sour porridge), Generation Wimbi Porridge Flour, Soko Wimbi Mix, Winnies Pure Health-Ugali Afya, Ujipwani Unga Wimbi Chachu and Greenhouse Pride Polished Wimbi with Milk Powder.

Others were Golden Porridge Flour Sour Uji Mix, Najah Nutrition Food Family Porridge and Natasha Porridge, Excellent Nutritious Porridge and Split Peas Flour Unga Wa Bhajia.

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