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Kenyans Shade Gospel Singer Mary Lincon After Repenting on Her Nudes

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Kenyan gossip lovers have jibbed popular Kikuyu gospel musician Mary Lincon after going for public prayers when her nudes leaked online.

On Tuesday, Mary visited CFF Kiambu Church for repentance, a week after gossip blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga shared her intimate photos on Facebook.

After Martha released the photos, there were questions about their authenticity in an era when someone can destroy your reputation using photoshopped pictures.

However, Mary’s move to ask for forgiveness appeared to confirm that the photos were real.

While praying for her, Bishop Michael Wanderi used words that also supported the leaks.

For instance, he said “we have seen her nakedness” and asked the Lord to cover the same way He did not Adam and Eve when they disobeyed him.

“Heavenly father, we bless this lady. We pray that her life will take the course you’ve always wanted for her. Have mercy on her. When the first man, Adam sinned against you and he was naked, you did not laugh at him, instead, you clothed him with animal skin. We ask you to cloth this lady,” he prayed.

The service was broadcast live on Facebook by several pages, including Mary’s.

While netizens acknowledged that it was right for the singer to confess her sins, they noted that going public confirmed that the nudes were hers.


Sue Gachambi commented: “First, you are very beautiful. Second, never again go for repentance in the full glare of the cameras. The pastor kept telling us that your nakedness has been exposed. Third, the next time you take photos in your birthday suit, have a bikini.”

Shee Roh: “Most of us were doubting until the pastor confirmed.”

Irene Wanjiru: Initially, I thoughts the photos were not hers, but I was wrong, thanks to the pastor.

Salome Wanjiku: Rule number 1, deny! Rule number 2, deny! Rule number 3, deny!

Mercy Parsie: “Those prayers must have been organized by Martha Mwihaki Hinga herself.”

Shiz Sheila: “I didn’t know the nudes were hers until the pastor announced it to us.”

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