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Kenyans Wowed as Top Comedian And Lover Hold Low-Cost Wedding

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Comedian Esther Kazungu and lover hold simple wedding

Celebrities are fond of going out of their way to look good for the cameras just to impress their fans, especially when at weddings or birthday parties.

However, for popular comedian Esther Kazungu and her lover, James Kibunja, who is a renowned events MC, all that does not matter.

The two wedded in a simple ceremony that did not cost them much.

According to their friend, activist Boniface Mwangi, the couple have dated for six years.

When they finally decided to settle down after an engagement party in May, they did not ask their friends to fundraise for a wedding.

“Dated for six years. God married yesterday, September 24. Civil marriage, lunch with family and close friends, total Ksh60,000,” Mwangi said.

He urged other lovebirds to emulate the newest couple in town.

“Stop the peer pressure of expensive weddings. Love the one you choose,” the activist tweeted.

Kazungu, who is famed for her funny skits, echoing the activist’s message, said that a simple or a lavish wedding means nothing if the lovers do it for showoff.

“It is not a competition. Just do what you can without overstretching. To some, Khs1 million is not a stretch. Different strokes for different folks,” she said.

Many Kenyans were impressed and supported the idea of couples working with what they have without pressuring friends and forming WhatsApp groups to raise money.

Chris Osman said: “If a woman suggests to you a grand wedding, ask her if she will finance it. If yes, well and good, but if she insists on you funding it, dump her.”

Farhan Yusuf noted: “This lesson cannot be emphasised enough. All bachelors should get this message.”

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